Driving Daytona beach

In Florida you see sandy white beaches everywhere. But have you ever driven one? All things considered, there's one place where this is possible.... Daytona Beach!

If you are in the area, make a little detour for this strange experience. Simply pay a little charge and afterward you're off. It is an extraordinary feeling to stroll on the beach and feel the sand under your feet. But to drive leisurely on the white sands and see the seagulls not moving from the vehicle and viewing the playing children, is something altogether different! For a minute you feel as though you were in a Hollywood motion picture, particularly when driving a convertible.

Many guests and locals look forward to pack up the car with snacks and drinks - remember the beach toys or the angling pole bar - and locate their own spot on the beach and hang throughout the day. Local merchants offer food and rent everything from golf carts to surfboards to umbrellas and chairs. A valued part of Daytona Beach history for more than 100 years, no wonder it was dubbed The World's Most Famous Beach. Take a moderate cruise or even better - park somewhere and hang out.

Photo: Blue Green Vacations
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