Touring Old Louisville

Old Louisville is a veritable fortune trove of architecture from the Victorian period, and also a few homes from the mid 1900s. The area comprises almost 1,400 structures in an area only south of downtown with more than 40 square blocks. The greater part of the manors and homes were erected between 1885-1905 and you'll discover blocks and blocks of awesome old homes that look much as they did over a hundred years prior.

This was the city's first suburb and it is the place the world class of the city lived up through the 1940s when the area started a tragic time of decay. In the 1970s however people started moving once more into the area and repairing the fantastic oldies and today this is one of the best places to live in the city, albeit many "old-clocks" will let you know generally. (This is to a great extent because they don't care to depart their McMansions and cardboard homes in the East End).

If you're a fanatic of history and an enthusiast of old homes, you need to visit Old Louisville. You can also read up on this past with one of the many books David Domine has composed. He composes about the apparitions in the area, as well as about the history and architecture, and in addition the food that make the district one of a kind.

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