Top 7 things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is full of possibilities for the road tripper. I had so much left of things to do in my bucket list. Here are top 7 (half of which I have already done) that I promise to myself I will accomplish when I come back to Turkey.

1. Bosphorus Cruise on the Ferry. This was so unwinding with incredible vistas. Appreciate a feast, have a haircut, a shave and a couple of brews at Anadolu Kavagi. Ferry trip costs nothing and is an incredible break from the city proper (in spite of the fact that the horizon of Istanbul is ever present).

2. Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi and streets off it are brimming with life – bars and restaurants and people all over. Incredible to spend nighttimes in and around this area.

3. Cagaloglu Hamami. Somewhat of a sham for what you get, the masseuse may dog you for money a short time later, but it will be justified regardless of the experience of being there. Incredible architecture and worth the price just to see it.

4. Spinning Dervishes at the Mevlevi Monastery were extremely pleasant, but a bit long. Pleasant gift shop inside which you visit first to purchase things.

5. Bus Tour of Istanbul from the Sultanahmet (sound guide gave in English). You could see a couple places you would not have seen otherwise – and if time allows this is dependably an incredible prologue to any city.

6. Rulers Islands and steed carriage ride (this was OK but the Island needs a genuine cleanup in particular the back 90 as it is covered with rubbish all over the place – plan 45-an hour for the carriage ride) and plan to be disappointed if they don't tidy it up. Plan a half day for the journey trip at the very least.

7. Cable car and Train trips – cheap approach to see the best and most exceedingly bad areas of the City – do this any place you go. Use the Abkil pass – it functions admirably, spares time and dissatisfaction purchasing jetons (tokens), is anything but difficult to use and saves money.

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