Why I like driving "in" Las Vegas

Las Vegas to me is one of the most drivable cities. Don't get me wrong, we do get stuck in traffic every once in a while. For a minute. It still remains a mystery to me how cars can actually go at a fast pace with all the pedestrians and jaywalkers, tourists with kids, and sidewalk attractions blocking traffic. But people just keep walking and walking and walking. Everybody's gotta be somewhere tonight, right?

Cabs are everywhere, so why rent a car? Well, cabs aren't always cheap. Renting a car gives you the freedom to go wherever you want without waiting on those abominable lines. Yikes.

Better yet, rent a limo. So you could act out your favorite fantasies of sticking your body out of the roof yelling "Wooohoooo Vegaaaaas!" It's my favorite cliché too.

Vegas is crazy. If you'd rather take a taxi, make a deal to only drink at night, so you never drink and drive. If your eyes can handle it after a night of partying, seriously consider exploring the sights. There's more to the Sin City than roulette tables and neon-colored daiquiris.
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