Road tripping in Riga for first timers

Picture yourself walking along the Old City of Riga, where roads are paved in cobblestones, reminiscent of old era. It's considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to the biggest collection of Jugendstil, architecture inspired by German Art Nouveau. Then you start wondering why there are no cars around, just people walking, walking, walking. Here, you should probably learn how to ask "Kur es varu atrast taksometru?" in Latvian (meaning, Where can I get a taxi?) or "Где я могу поймать такси?" (pronounced Gde ya mogu poymat' taksi) in Russian when it's time to leave.

While Latvian is the official language, a knowledge in Russian should also be sufficient, as long as you ask first: Извините, вы говорите по-русски? (Izvinite , vy govorite po-russki? Excuse me, do you speak Russian?)

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