Family-friendly things to do in Washington DC

Washington DC for kids? Not exactly an ideal road trip for many. But many seasoned travelers know there are plenty of things to do for the family in the DC. Starting from the National Zoo, the Smithsonian museums, to the Washington DC waterfront, there's probably more than your stopover will allot.

Children and grown-ups alike will appreciate a visit to the National Zoo. With a huge number of creatures, everything from Giant Pandas to a Giant Octopus, and a lot of snacks and different preoccupations, this Smithsonian park ought to be a family trip to recall.

The memorable and as yet working National Mall Carousel is another most-loved attraction for kids. It's situated before the Smithsonian Castle on the Mall, close to the Smithsonian MetroRail station. Concessions are accessible close-by.

On a decent day, take the children to the Sculpture Garden, situated on the Mall outside of the National Gallery of Art. They will have a ton of fun playing around the stimulating art and plunging in the wellspring. During the winter, the family can appreciate skating on the ice arena here, and concessions are served year-round at the Pavilion Cafe.

Kids will also discover numerous enthralling and instructive shows at the different Smithsonian museums, for example, touching a moon rock at the National Air and Space Museum or seeing a reproduced wooly mammoth at the National Museum of Natural History. Bear in mind Kermit the Frog and Judy Garland's red ruby shoes! Admission to all Smithsonian museums is free.

A visit to the Washington DC waterfront is also free. The Washington Channel of the Potomac River is not as much as a mile south of the National Air & Space Museum on Seventh Street. There's a short riverwalk that is awe-inspiring whether rain or shine. Toward one side is the renowned seafood market where you can see a stunning cluster of edibles from the ocean. If you like, purchase a portion of the cooked indulgences for a picnic. At the flip side you'll find the Titanic Women's Memorial to the men who gave their lives on the Titanic so that ladies and kids could live. Along the walk, appreciate the mixed bag of boats docked at Capital Yacht Club, Gangplank Marina, and Odyssey Cruises. When you require refreshment, look at Cantina Marina, a little bistro/bar right on the stream with exceptional views.
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