5 Days of Winter in Washington D.C.


  • Have a fun time at Zoolights. 
  • Ice skate among popular model sculptures
  • Look for the ideal present in ritzy Georgetown. 


Touch base on Amtrak and begin your vacation immediately at Union Station. The notable building decks the corridors in December with a 30-foot tree gave from the Embassy of Norway and a Norwegian Holiday Market. Besides, Union Station's vacation model train showcase charms as the train winds its route through the blanketed mountains and fjords of Norway.


Use your day taking a voyage through Washington, DC's famous landmarks and remembrances. With Double Decker Tours, you can stay warm and snuggled up as you see some of DC's most prominent attractions, for example, the Washington Monument; the Lincoln, Jefferson, World War II and Vietnam Veterans dedications; and the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Dedication.


At the point when sunsets, look at the Zoolights (select nighttimes in November and December) at The National Zoo. The free show offers daily stroll through, naturally neighborly creature light shows. A number of the creature houses additionally stay open at night for uncommon creature manager talks.
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