Road trip tip: Stuff your luggage like a pro

I'm packing for another road trip. Yes!

It's not like being in cloud nine though. In fact, packing for a trip stresses me out big time. It's even worse when I'm traveling on transitional seasons--winter to spring or fall to winter. It's warm enough to walk outside and wear a dress or T-shirt, but it's also still not warm enough to forgo a blazer.

To make matters worse, this trip involves skiing and night outs. So in between thick waterproof jackets and boots, you got sequin dresses and high heels.

You don't get to be a true road tripper until you learn some hard lessons. As I go through my accessories, I remembered how that one fateful day (forgive the cliché) in New Orleans, my wedding ring disappeared in the hotel room.

It was my fault, obviously, I wouldn't call it a hard lesson if that day turned out to be perfect. My husband and I left around noon. When we came back at night after a day of sightseeing, I noticed that my diamond ring was gone. I had left it at the vanity in the bathroom. Unsecured, tempting, totally vulnerable to criminal fingers.

There was no way to prove it was taken by the housekeeper. We informed the management. The best they could do was apologize. Hey, it was my fault, right? So there went the sparkling symbol of my marital bliss down the drain.

But I digressed. I wish packing for a road trip is easier. Two weeks' worth is like bringing your own closet with you. Good thing my logistics list is reliable, and I can order things like waterproof iPhone case or portable travel tripod ahead of the time.

Word of advice: Don't leave things you cherish out in the open, where everybody can see. Common sense, right? I lost a ring, I gained wisdom. Also don't book a room at Harrah's. Just kidding! Not.

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