Use Google maps versus Siri

It was a 5-hour road trip from Dallas. Or should I start this story backwards?

Don't tell Siri where to go when you're looking for something that doesn't exist. Chances are, she just might tell you to GO THERE!

Driving to Fry's in Austin was one of our stopping points for a bite of sandwich and a purchase of...electronics, of course. Joe had a nagging itch to get a pair of huge speakers for his home theater. So on our way back home, he asked Siri how to get to Fry's electronics in Austin. Siri told him step by step and mile by mile just how to get "there."

In an empty field in a residential area where no one else goes by but bicycle riders. We were dumbfounded.

Needless to say, we just ended up looking up Fry's in Google maps and watching our position point go from where we were to West Parmer at Mopac Expressway. Shoot.

This was the highlight of our trip back home.

San Antonio, Texas is wonderful even in mid-winter to Spring. I was actually able to wear a dress to the club and traipse around at the Riverwalk at this time of the year! Kremlin was a lot of fun on the weekend. This club's DJ plays some modern beats with a mix of Latino salsa. When everywhere else is painfully cold and the streets are dead, San Antonio is bustling even at midnight.

Some nights you'd be lucky to find a parking spot around the Riverwalk area. Some nights you'll take thirty minutes attempting to find one, only to end up paying $12 at a parking lot.

When you leave the bars at the Riverwalk for a final nightcap, check out the small hotdog stands right across the street. What better way to warm up a chilly last-call-for-alcohol hour than to grab a sizzling bacon-wrapped chili hotdog in a bun!

Next day, we go shopping and visiting the area around The Alamo. But that's another story. 
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