What if I want to cancel my Thanksgiving flight at the last minute?

Currently Cheapoair is offering Thanksgiving flights deals that let you save up to $15* with Promo Code THANKS15. This offer expires on Nov 28, 2013.

With so many travel deals on Thanksgiving it's easy to just hit the click button and book flights. The question is, what happens if you change your plans?

Booking flights through CheapOair is one of those things wherein you have to make sure you read the cancellation policy. The reason is many of these advanced flight or hotel bookings will charge you a certain amount for canceling prior to check in. It makes a lot of sense to go through the policies before committing.

It's not unheard of that travel sites charge advanced bookings on the first night or charge a penalty for canceling right after checking in. Such is the case with CheapOair. So the bottom line is take advantage of the travel deals during Thanksgiving but make sure you read the fine print first.

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