Road Trip Ideas: Read the writings on the wall at Wintzell's

On our recent road trip to Florida, another stopover at Wintzell's. You see, some people with avant garde ideas simply come up with wall design so weird it escapes the logic. Wintzell's has a different idea when it comes to wall design. Think: a scrapbook/collage/mural full of adages, popular mottos, proverbs, and famous words even from not-so-famous people. Oh, you can spend all day reading while your oysters fried, nude, and stewed get cold. Don't let that happen.

Wintzell's is an institution in itself in downtown Alabama. You will find classic entrees in the menu that will leave you wondering if anything has changed since 1938. I order the fried stuff as usual, and boy the prices are ridiculously affordable.

It's called Wintzell's wisdom by the way. Downtown Alabama is a great stopover for any road trip going southeast. If you get hungry by lunch time, Wintzell's is just waiting around the corner. 
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