Road travel to Las Vegas concert--how do I cancel my tickets?

I've planned to go on a road trip to attend a Depeche Mode concert at The Palms in Las Vegas but I had to pass because of a family emergency. I don't want to give my events tickets away because they're very expensive ($638), and they don't qualify for a refund either because the show is not cancelled. What's the best thing to do?

If you can't use your events tickets when you travel, you may still get your money back. It depends on what ticket sites you got them from. The refund policies for these events sites differ. For example, if you bought tickets from Seatwave, you can still resell your ticket and it's absolutely free. You just have to follow the correct listing procedures. Typically, when you list and price your ticket, you just wait until someone buys it, then you ship it to your buyer. Seatwave deducts 10%  success fee if your ticket sells.

Try to understand the refund/return policies of these events sites before you buy tickets on your road trip. If you don't, you may end up with tickets you don't have a choice but to give away simply because some ticket sites don't offer refunds. 
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