How to find reliable baby sitters and caregivers in Texas online

It's easy to find reliable nannies, babysitters or caregivers in Texas these days. Technology has made it possible for online caregiving services to screen potential baby sitters, nannies and petsitters on criteria such as trustworthiness, responsibility and even punctuality.


Go to or


1. The site will give you simple step by step questions on the following: what kind of caregiving you need, who is going to be cared for, and how soon you need a caregiver. Your options depend on your needs, so answer accurately.

2. Provide a basic description of yourself: name, address, email, etc. This is how you start your account and proceed with your caregiver search in Texas.

3. As soon as your account is set up, you can narrow down your search to what days you're going to need a sitter or caregiver, how many  hours, how much you can pay, and additional requirements such as ability to do some light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, and pick-up/drop-off, among a few. Specify also until how long you intend to keep your post available for potential sitters or caregivers to apply.

4. If you're willing, you can also personalize your job ad by writing additional requirements not included in your checklist.

5. As these sites are subscription based, you have the option to boost your search by paying for monthly fee or you can simply opt for free (limited) access. You will also be provided an estimated hourly pay rate for your potential sitter or caregiver, depending on the information you have input.

6. Finally, start browsing for caregivers or sitters listed in your area and wait to be contacted. You may also use the resources provided by or such as interview guides and hiring checklist.


Make sure to read reviews so that you can narrow down your selection to the best possible baby sitter or caregiver candidate. 
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