Budget.com helps calculate huge car rental savings

How much money are you bound to save on car rentals? Budget.com helps you figure out.

These days, a few dollars going back to your wallet means a lot. So if you're going on a road trip and plan to rent a car anywhere in the United States, all you have to do is get online or check your phone for the nearest Budget.com location. The popular car rentals company gives you a variety of options on the type of car you can rent and how much you're going to save whether you're renting on a weekday, weekend, weekly, or monthly basis. Here's an example of their ongoing program:

Save 10% off weekly (5+ days) car rentals with Budget.

Customers are advised to read the FAQs and contact a Budget.com representative if you have questions regarding your car rental. Budget.com also believes that if you are a frequent car renter, it's best to enroll in RapidRez (fast reservations system) that automates your reservation process in the future. 
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