Trip Blip: Taking Ambien on the flight

Well, it wasn't really me, but Joe. You have to understand the fear of flying. He's always got this idea in his head that being up in the air in this giant flying vehicle is JUST NOT POSSIBLE. And I always try to rationalize that people have been flying for a couple centuries. Accidents do happen in flights, but we've gone through so many to not learn from technical experience. But he insists he should take Ambien.

There was a time during our flight to Southeast Asia that as soon as we boarded our plane from Los Angeles airport (LAX), he had no recollection of what happened during the 11-hour flight. The truth is, I almost got in trouble when he took the girl's blanket (sitting next to him) and when he told the flight attendant that he did not want anything to eat. When the attendant came, he said he wanted the "beef" instead of the "chicken" meal. The attendant looked at me like I was the one who was drugged.

The story of how Ambien works in Joe's system is not over. I can't imagine how he would survive a flight without it!

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