Travel Tip: Go New Yorking without the hassle

In New York City, peak season usually run from April-May, September-October, and the first few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are the times when people come to visit while the weather is nice and go sightseeing. If you've never been to a New York City attraction during peak season, consider yourself lucky. Why? You haven't seen the lines.

New York City Pass

Anyone who holds a New York City pass knows it's the best way to tour the city. I'm not kidding: you can laugh at all those people who weren't smart enough to have one card to see all attractions with just a single swipe. It's like having a ticket to a big buffet as a privileged VIP.

Don't know which NYC attraction to check out first? Start by reading my blog. Then download the New York City Pass free app as your guide to sightseeing. Uhm, what's that? You're very welcome.

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