Travel Tip: Buy flight earplugs that work

If you're a frequent flyer to Los Angeles or anywhere, chances are you've heard toddlers in the plane screaming like crazy when the plane starts to take off or land. It's not so much the pain you feel yourself, but it is painful to hear the little ones cry. If you have kids of your own, do yourself a favor and buy flight earplugs. They are available for both kids and adults. Once you use them, you won't be able to live without them. Well, of course, apart from the silly boredom in the plane...but that's another story.

These flight earplugs came handy when we were driving down the highway from Route 66 to Bullhead City in Nevada. True, it's not necessarily an airplane landing, but the road is so steep going down that your ears will feel so clogged and will take a while to pop. These earplugs are life savers.
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