Feature: Getting around NYC according to your personality

How much can you afford getting around New York City? Do you want to drive a car, to take a shuttle, or to travel in a limousine? Obviously, each one of these mode of transportation will get you to your spot, but if you're indecisive, you can start with finding the purpose.

Definitely go for a limo service if you're planning to attend parties or evening get-togethers in a hotel or convention center. Nothing is classier. If you're sightseeing, you might want to hop on and hop off in a double decker shuttle, just like Go Airlink NYC's. Their sister company, CitySights NY, was the first ever shuttle tour service that provides a double-decker seating for better view. Thumbs up.

Want to be more independent? Then suit yourself with car rentals straight from the JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports. Ironically, the best time of the week to rent a car is on weekends, but it's also the peak time for visitors in New York City. So get yourself a tourist pass, if you must.

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