3 secrets to getting the best car rental deals

According to Budget.com, if you reserve a rental car during the weekends, you will most likely get a better deal than during weekdays. Also, the more days you keep the car, the better the rate you will get.

If you must rent a car, try checking out your credit card for perks that you might get. For example, if you use American Express, you don't have to purchase insurance for the car rental simply because they cover it. If you don't use American Express and your credit card doesn't offer any type of car rental insurance at all, try using TravelGuard

Another great way to save money on car rental is to book at the last minute. Sounds ironic? It's not. If you check car rental rates at the last minute such as Avis or Budget, you might just get a good quote. These car rental services run promotions for those who are not worried what type of car they will rent as long as they will rent it as soon as possible. 
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