Survey the Hoover Dam

Year after year I witnessed the tallest bridge at the Hoover Dam get built in order to ease the traffic to and from Las Vegas. It feels wonderful to be one of the first road trippers to cross such a colossal bridge. It's quite disappointing to NOT see anything from the bridge while you're driving.

Whereas we would get stuck in a traffic jam at the main highway from Route 66, now we would zip through the air and get to Las Vegas in no time. But I miss the sights, the people walking, the grandeur of this super-sized dam. It's actually fun to watch tourists as your car crawls like a turtle through the highway. Some are taking pictures, others are part of tour groups. Many simply stop to walk for a few minutes to check out the massive structure. You may want to get to Las Vegas in a hurry through this route, but I guarantee you won't get bored.

Now if you're driving back after losing all your money in the casinos, that's another story.
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