Savor the tropical happy hour

Aaaah yes. It's one of those days. Joe and I would be all over the island town in Puerto Galera one day till we're pooped. Then the next day, we would be so sore all we could do was sit in the hammock or hang out by the pool, watching kids play and people eat. In the afternoon, we would come down the ninth floor hut for a reason.

It's freakin' happy hour!

Buying cheap drinks is alright, but if you don't get the Planter's Punch (a.k.a. Mai Tai) or Weng-Weng, you're missing out. And don't forget the "pulutan" or finger food, which to us will always be the egg rolls. Happy hour drinks at Puerto Galera can numb you and get you to stay longer, if not drink longer, around the bar area. At the end of the day, it was such a blast. You will forget that you have to climb ninety steps to get to your hilltop room. Then you tell yourself, Man this is life. I'm ready for my next island adventure tomorrow.

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