Feature: How much does airport parking cost?

So you go off and drive to the airport. Then it hit you. No, not another person's car, but the thought that you can't just leave your car wherever. You're going to be away for the weekend and can't find anyone to drive you to say, Dallas Love Field where you'll end up at LAX. If you're that alienated, don't fret. You can still go somewhere and keep your car safe. Just make sure you hook up with airport parking services
I'd always thought this idea was genius. However, I wouldn't recommend it for long trips, or you'll pay the price. The process is really easy though. So easy you can even do it on your internet smartphone, no calling involved. Airport Parking Reservations does this kind of job. They show you a whole map so you can pick your airport departure and arrival. Pay half of it online, and pay the rest at the parking lot. Suave. The rates are usually dictated by the parking lot management, so find the cheapest with best services. Most rates average from $7 to $10 per day. 

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