Mosey around Fremont Street at night

Of all the things you cannot miss in Las Vegas, strolling at Fremont Street should be on your top ten list. At Fremont, you don't always know what to expect. Lately, they renovated Fitzgerald's and named it The D. They are now fixing the Flight Linez (zipline attraction over the entire Fremont Street). Every night or so, there's some free concert going on. Sometimes there's a foodie event, sometimes it's a flea market thing. If it's Halloween, you'll see the electrified corpse exhibit. 

Elvis and the showgirls are a usual sight, and so are Marvel characters. They just come and go. You're all warped trying to soak everything in when all of a sudden the covered pavilion gets dark, and music starts playing. It could be a Beatles song, it could be anything. The sky lights up and the colossal outdoor screen above plays a video where an entire street full of tourists can watch. 

If you're buying souvenir in Las Vegas, the downtown Fremont Street area is where you should go. They have the cheapest stuff with the biggest variety. You can hop from one casino to the next, get a mojito or $1 shrimp cocktails, or even pop in at Dunkin' Donuts inside Binion's. I could stay here the whole evening and forget about The Strip for a while. Or I could just watch the sharks in the tank and the fat/hot people lounging at the Golden Nugget.

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