Go tubing at Possum Kingdom

It's crazy enough to be riding a Scarab at a North Texas lake. It makes me feel like I'm in a race track, except that I'm bouncing on the water instead of the ground. Will the boat flip? We could be doing 60 miles an hour. For a speed freak like Joe, it doesn't matter. 

Next he has me wear my life vest. He ties up the rope on this large tube, and I jump down on it. What the f*&% am I doing? Here I am, getting towed by a speedboat and I've never done this before. Joe promises he will be gentle. I trust him, but my instincts tell me, oh hell. If I break off, I'll be swimming in the middle of a huge lake and who knows what creatures lurk here. Or am I just being paranoid. 

But off I go. Tubing at Possum Kingdom. Not a bad idea as I saw all this foam of water around me, me gliding faster and faster and faster...Call me by my new name, Adventurous. I will look back at those days and not have any regrets. I done it, baby!
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