Go island-hopping in Puerto Galera

When I see a vision of the islands, it makes me wonder why I'm in front of my office desk blogging away in my computer and not romping in the sandy beaches. Don't feel sorry for me though. On my recent trip to the Philippines with hubby Joe, we thought about checking out Puerto Galera's Coco Beach Resort. Best decision we've ever made when it comes to beach vacations. 

It's kind of amazing how you can get so much fun for so cheap. We spent almost two weeks with a free morning buffet and a hut with hammock on a $49 per night stay. One hell of a price for being in such a tropical paradise. 

But probably the best part of our beach vacation in the Philippines was the day we took off in the banca with local boaters and hopped from island to island around the area. Snorkeling was a blast. The locals have prepared lunch for us in the middle of the trip. Full belly, lots of stuff to explore. What more could you ask?
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