Feature: How to ride the Amazon Riverboat in style

You come to the Amazon in a riverboat and say "What the hell am I thinking?" I don't know this culture, I don't know Portuguese or Peruvian or any dialect that they use here, and I'm not good at handling reptiles. Maybe you just watch too much (Anaconda) movies. The beauty of being somewhere else not quite too familiar, especially if you're a city person, is that it opens your mind to things such as...anacondas and a different way of life.

Just remember this is a tourist trip and therefore you are with everybody else who is probably just as unfamiliar with the Amazon as you are. Let the tour guides fill you in. It's so different and yet so comfortable because you're just in a riverboat, trying to spot dolphins while enjoying a cocktail drink. If you want to be more adventurous, G Adventures has a lot to offer. In fact, you might want to venture ahead to the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. There's plenty of things that await you.
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