Be mesmerized with Cirque du Soleil's O

Of all the Cirque shows I've seen, "O" is probably the most unbelievable. How else could you possibly swim in and out of the water with such grace and dexterity that it doesn't even make sense?

I was thinking just like most Cirque stages, the staff set up these air tubes under the water so that the acrobats and swimmers will be able to breathe for five minutes without lifting their heads out of the water off cue. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, then you probably should watch it yourself

The Bellagio is home to tasteful art and Cirque du Soleil's performance with "O" is definitely a masterpiece. The stage effects are superb, the acrobatics are unparalleled, and the live music will keep you engaged at what's happening. I've seen several Cirque shows twice because they are so good. I don't mind watching "O" once more.
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