Trip Blip: Stranded with a flat tire!

'Nuff said. 

There's nothing more epic than driving in hot wheels and suddenly finding yourself by the side of the road waiting for eons for the tow truck to come by. In fact, it's very traumatic. Here you are, gone for a road trip, enjoying your life, when all of a sudden, a stupid tool (pun intended) drops a gigantic screw that punctures the Corvette's rear wheel. Sweet. 

But Joe and I survived the long, cold wait in the early spring at Pinta Road exit. We also survived sleeping at Super 8 Motel in Gallup, the worst place in the face of the earth.God forbid you ever got stuck here. If you've watched the episode of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, it feels like you're in a room lying next to the one-eyed incest daughter of the Alabama couple. Joe and I suspected she lived in that motel where we stayed. No offense against Super 8, but I wish they had elevators.

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