Travel Tip: Meditate in the middle of a desert oasis

What free things can you do while you're traveling? I have to admit. Summer is never the best time to go out hiking. Especially in the desert. Talk about seasonal suicide! I believe many of us have a great instinct for the cool spots though. For example, when we went hiking the Turkey, Texas tourist attraction called Caprock Canyons, we were surprised that not even the park rangers have ever been to that area where that lush fern cave exists. It's a gargantuan mass of rock wall covered entirely in green moss and fern, with a few drops of water barely trickling down to a small puddle on the ground. Then there's the boulder. Joe decides this is the best time to ponder. He gets the credit for this discovery, after all.  

You can get carried away with nature when you're surrounded by it. A sturdy rock to sit on, with a few humming birds and a couple butterflies, the fern cave will calm you. It's definitely an oasis in the middle of the desert. You can bask in the shade without bugs swarming around you. I doubt they will ever survive in this hot temperature. Actually, dare to climb up on the top of that cave. It's not too steep, and the reward is awesome. Stand underneath the trickling water and it will feel like being in the Niagara Falls while you're trekking the Sahara. One of the best free things to do when you're traveling is to be with nature.Well, whaddaya know?
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