Hike the Caprock Canyons like there is no tomorrow

 In Texas, you don't run out of free things to do. All you need is a backpack full of cold bottled water, great hiking shoes, and a thrill-seeking gene. 

The hike to Caprock Canyons was one of the craziest things we ever did in the northwest area of the Lone Star state. Crazy, because we discovered areas not even the park rangers have ever been to. Crazy, because it was so damn hot but it was still so damn fun to be up there. Crazy, because I killed all the fish in the aquarium when I brought home all the weird rocks I picked up from the hike.

Cactus thrives in Caprock Canyons, not lush palm trees. So be prepared to take lots and lots of pictures of cactus. And don't get pricked!

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