Road Trip True Story: The Epic Texas Snow Shock

Note: This story is not for the faint of heart. Note: This is not a story. I have not made up any of this narrative at all. The moral is easy to see: If you love to travel like we do, you must be ready for adventure. This means going through heaven, hell, and in between. Otherwise, just stay home and stay sane!

12:30 pm, December 24, 2009
We left Fry's Electronics store in Dallas. Here, we bought some additional Christmas gifts for everybody. We saw that the snow was getting thicker and falling heavily outside. I asked Joe if we would still go to the mall. He said no because the roads would be bad if we get home later. I was disappointed like a little child but agreed. I really hated driving home when it's getting dark.

On a side note, my phone is dead. It's the latest LG chocolate touchscreen and I have so much respect for its battery life. I would charge it for 15 minutes and it will run perfect for three days, even if I play music in it. Before we left for Dallas, I brought my charger. I did not charge it on the way, nor the night before. Last night I woke up thinking that Joe's indispensable Blackberry should be charged, so I hooked it up. Little did I know that my own phone has powered down. I still have so much respect for LG's phones, even though now it's lifeless in my hands.

1:28 pm
I finished the rest of the book "Our Final Hour" by Martin Rees. How apt that I was reading this book at a situation like ours. All throughout the trip, I would keep taking notes from the insights and ideas that I get. Is the world really coming to an end? Is this wonderful, cute snowstorm a sign? Not even scientists know.

to be continued...
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